As a landlord, I know the hassle involved in trying to buy or sell a real-estate asset, especially with the risk of real-estate scam. This is a scam whereby an individual claims false ownership of a property and or sells it to multiple people. My father being a realtor, combined with the stories of how people are driven to suicide after being a victim of a real-estate scam created a great nudging to come up with a solution, but was hindered by the limitations of web2. But with the emergence of web3, blockchain technology, the internet computer and the possibilities they provided, "landlord" became a possibility.

What it does

Landlord provides a safe heaven/platform where users can trade and invest in real-estate easily and securely. It also reduces/eliminates the hassle involved in procuring a property in the sense that; a user can purchase/sell a property on their phones, right from the comfort of their home. It achieves this making making real estate assets into NFTs so they can be easily and securely traded and invested in.

How we built it

We built it by first researching and coming up with mockups/screen designs in Figma, then we began developing the frontend in React.js and the backend in Motoko, whilst also learning about the internet computer, it's features, capabilities and possibilities.

Challenges we ran into

Being that it was our first time working with the Internet Computer, we had a lot to learn and so little time. We realized that the 2 seconds delay for update methods on the internet computer could make payment of share holders quite time consuming. Also, we came across hardware issues that made it difficult to use the Internet Computer's Internet Identity (on a PC without inbuilt biometric software) even though we had initially implemented it (hence the reason why it is not in demo). We created separate repos to prevent us from tripping over each other during development, only to realize during merging that tailwind wasn't working properly, we spent days trying to make it work because starting all over again with a different library didn't seem feasible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to fix the tailwindcss issue! and we somehow managed to record the demo in end. But most of all, we are proud to have completed the hackathon with a functional MVP! (a challenge indeed)

What we learned

We learned how to build dApps on the IC, how write code in motoko, how to create a market place, how to better work as a team and how to persevere. We are thankful to dfinity for that.

What's next for Landlord

We plan to keep on improving the application till we make it into the safe heaven we envision it to be.

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