Inspiration and Intro

We really want to find ways to help people during these tough times.

That especially includes people who are most vulnerable during this time, the elderly. We know that older people may not be well adverse with technology or the internet, but something they are familiar with is the Landline telephone, which almost all household in England have. We have compromised an idea to allow elderly people to use a number on their landline telephone to help them with essential tasks, during this time where they are unable to leave the house. Elderly people would call us and reach a voice assistant who will listen to the request of the individual. This would then be broken down by our custom natural language processing tool, and categories and set a priority, this would then be sent to local community support workers who could assist the elder with their request. This is all based on good faith and relies on the kindness of people in local communities which we know exists, as seen by the mulitple cases of people helping each other on the news and on social media.

We believe that this solution is something a lot of people stuck at home could really use right now and we see much room for expansion. We see this product being able to be linked to social media - having support workers on there get notifications widening the reach of potential people who are able to help.


Problem statement

How do we provide support for the immunocompromised and the elderly who do not have readily available access to the internet. Locate, understand and support.

Use Case

“Karl Saggan, an elderly member in the community has been self isolating for the last 5 weeks. His situation is difficult, the media are telling him to stay indoors, he is at extremely high risk. How can Karl, with limited access or knowhow about the internet access basic necessities and social interaction.”


A fully automated, natural language interface allowing our target demographic to reach out to their communities whilst self isolating.

How it works

Our target demographic have access to a landline phone number which provides a natural conversation to discuss their needs.

Our algorithms parse, classify and publish the data targeting support workers in the community.

Valued volunteers can reach out to our demographic using social media and a dedicated application broadcasting our communities needs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What a team, one of the best hackathon teams I have worked with, love every single one of them :)

What we learned

  • new algorithms
  • new language in python (still needs a bit of works though, lol)

What's next for Landline Helpers

Who knows...

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