We are the Hawai'i Advanced Technology Society (HATS)


The state Land Use Commission (LUC) has an existing website with a plethora of information, however, the public still needs answers to questions about projects, land use designation, properties, testimonies, and documents. Volunteers assist 20-30 people a day navigating the existing LUC website or processing a service request. The LUC needs help in transforming their information clutter into a smoother and smarter process.

What it does

HATS developed a self-service, user-friendly website for receiving, sharing, and processing information between the LUC and the public. Our 24/7 accessible website will lead the public to the answers and information they need.

Our website features:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Uploading Dockets

  • Search for Pending/Completed Dockets

  • Contact Us

  • How to use ArcGIS gif
  • How we built it

    We used Laravel, a PHP framework, for the website and PHP-SQLite 3 as our database. The rest of the website was built from scratch using PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Git was used for version control and Trello was used for team task distribution and management. Everything was done locally on our machines.

    Challenges we ran into

    Having limited experience in coding and Git was our challenge. Most of us come from a cybersecurity and computer networking background with hardly any experience in coding. HACC motivated us to expand our skills and knowledge in a realm not familiar to us. In addition, we had to change our framework from Meteor to Laravel; Meteor had too much Javascript to handle. We wanted to stay true to our roots with PHP/HTML using Laravel.

    Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Building a website from scratch

  • We learned frameworks i.e. Laravel, Meteor

  • Amazing team collaboration

  • We are less afraid to COMMIT

  • Templates make life easier

  • Spending tons of money on coffee/tea

  • Coding for hours straight

  • Meeting the code freeze deadline

  • We don't code but we still did the HACC

  • What we learned

    Git, Trello, and Laravel

    What's next for the LUC website

  • Docket links

  • File upload server-side validation

  • File upload authentication

  • Server-side input validation

  • WordPress integration
  • Special Thanks

  • Jayson Hayworth, HATS Alumni

  • Derrick Le, HATS Alumni
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