From speaking with Beth and Pam, we know that most crucial is growing the Land’s Sake community as this is central to their mission and to proving the benefits of their year round infrastructure and business model. It is hard to say we are growing without understanding where your baseline community is. This count information and these branding ideas will help Land’s Sake develop a strategic growth plan as they enter their community funded capital campaign. Land's Sake is so inspirational as an organization and is especially important for the community in times of rapid climate change and hunger relief during the pandemic. We aimed to help in the largest capacity we could in this time frame while solving real and practical issues for the farm. Our biggest inspirations mid-project definitely came from each other, having fun with our different backgrounds, and bouncing off ideas!

What it does

Two part project One We designed a laser counter. Basically, a laser is shot across an opening and anytime someone passes, the digital counter will take a tally. It is a design open to battery or solar power. The weather resistant box housing the laser will then be mounted on existing poles at each of the three paths leading from the parking lot to various areas of the farm. The design and controls are simple, it is low cost, less than 100 dollars, and only requires a person to flip a switch each day. To get an accurate count, divide by 2 to account for entrance and exit. The blinking light each time someone passes through increase the counter. Two We also focused on branding as a way to understand and engage the community. The farm is open and welcome to everyone anytime they are open! Unlike many establishments in Weston you do not need membership to stop by. We focused on simplifying messages and including "everyone/all" in signage on the road as well as increasing online engagement through social media and organic search. (more in video!)

How we built it

Above in part and watch video! Definite use of tinkercad for the laser element and its box (create a free acount to see deisgn elements). The sign we recreated in slides based on the built pieces they already have so that they do not need to focus on getting many more new materials!

Challenges we ran into

Time for this form! :) Did not realize it would be part of the submission. Very difficult to encompass all of our work in three minutes of presentation. Had to drop one of our favorite parts of the project because it was the least implementable in the moment and we did not have time to include it in the presentation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did this! Beth and Pam of Lands Sake are incredibly excited about it as well. Team dynamics were fabulous, too, though some have, we have not all worked together before!

What we learned

Communication would be easier across just one platform versus 5 :) We had also never participated in a hackathon, sourced a team, used tinkercad, designed a circuit, nor a sign before!

What's next for Land's Sake Farm Hack for Impact

Continuing to help the farm!

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