Pirates! They're always looking for buried treasure on distant lands. And when they find what they're looking for, they prefer to keep their discovery a secret.

What it does

Land Ho allows users to perform web queries across popular internet search engines and save the history of their queries securely behind their Blockstack account. And search can be immediately performed on a different engine by simply toggling over. And even though search can only be accessed by the user, they can also be simply deleted (individually, or all at once).

How we built it

Land Ho is a Progressive Web App built on Vue.js and the Quasar Framework. We use Blockstack for storage and authentication.

Challenges I ran into

Iframes don't give much flexibility, to say the least, and some results won't load as a result. Clicking through to search result links will need to be improved in the future through clever hacks or additional UX guidance.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our aim is to displace centralized systems of control by building bridges between familiar systems and new ones. Land Ho is only one piece of that puzzle, and we are proud of adding one more way for users to slowly, but surely take back control of their digital lives.

What we learned

This is the first time I've used the Quasar Framework. It's a huge productivity multiplier.

What's next for Land Ho

Explore the possibility of building a custom browser for Land Ho. Custom click actions once in the Iframe. Improved onboarding. Enabling the addition of Land Ho as a custom search in your browser.

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