Users anonymously register themselves with a location. A la WhatPulse, our desktop client and web site record number of keystrokes, mouse clicks, network usage, and amount of time spent actively on an application (i.e. if no input is made in five seconds, the stopwatch stops).

LanCamp is meant to take WhatPulse to the next level to help you connect to new people. Find places where people share the same habits as you.

Are you a gamer? Look for neighborhoods where video game traffic is concentrated in. Recruiter? Focus on neighborhoods with concentrated number of users experienced in an application of interest. Trend follower? Look for changing neighborhoods where exciting things are happening (I'm looking at you, Silicon Harlem).

The more who join, the better the results get. And you want to join because you want others to find you.

In the future, we hope to integrate with FeedZilla to find interesting locations where user participation is low, by tracking number of news stories.

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