I Been a Java Developer For The Past 5 Years. In Those 5 Years I Have Learned Many Other Languages Such as react js, typescript, javascript and angular 11. Solana Is Written In Rust so i took the challenge.

Lanatools will be able to track all SLP tokens, Pool Liquidities, Track Wallet Portafolio balances and a staking option. In The Future we want to implement useful tools such as "Create Your SLP Token With a Few Clicks" And "Create NFTs With No Coding Experience"

We have been building this platform for a couple months now. Starting from 0 to hero. Only a few more weeks for our alpha release.

Challenges we ran into are Charting api, so we created our own. Other than that, everything has been very smooth so far.

Something im proud of is that when i first read the Solana Docs, i had many questions that were not available elsewhere. The more i read, the more i learned.

I learned some rust.

We have released our MVP and Is Live at https://lanatools.com

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