Cryptocurrencies are emerging, everyone is talking about in good or in bad. We've tasted the crypto world, trading, ICOs and so on. Then we decided to create a tool that will allow people to easily purchase coins and invest their fiat money. Kind of a new generation banking platform.

What it does

Lambitcoin allows its users to deposits either fiat or cryptocurrencies(Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin for the moment), make exchanges between their funds(fiat, crypto) in the balance, send and receive funds(transfert), store their money and withdraw anytime.

How we built it

We have integrated many different kinds of APIs to create a new tool from existing tools.

Challenges we ran into

Schedule, APIs dysfunctions, APIs availability, and so on

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The whole app is working now, and its features are brilliant for crypto assets

What we learned

To never stop at the first obstacle. We've acquired some more technical skills

What's next for LAMBITCOIN

Moving on the next stage

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