Blockchain being an emerging technology and solution to solve trust and transparency issues, which inspired to build a traceability solution for solving the counterfeit and false claim issues in the value chain and to bring more visibility to the legitimate stakeholders

What it does

The solution is focused to bring all the players in the value chain to streamline, collaborate and engage to ensure the end customer receives genuine products from the manufacturer.

How I built it

I and my partner who comes with the technology and integration background defined the architecture for the traceability solution particularly to take to Pharma, Manufacturers & Agro/food industry. With help of our mentor and advisors we were able to built the solution for OEM. LambdaBlocks trailLedger is a B2B SAAS solution.

Challenges I ran into

Blockchain, AI & IOT will be the future for addressing the industrial challenges. One challenge will be how solution will be integrated with the existing solution and taking the traceability until the last mile.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We as LambdaBlocks successfully implemented our traceability solution to a large medical equipment manufacturing company.

What I learned

As a startup being patience and devising an strategy on sales, USP, is very important

What's next for LambdaBlocks

Going to market to scale up our solution is very important.

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