Lake Monitoring System

Overview: - In our country, there are thousands of lakes and crores of people are dependent on these lakes for their water requirements, with such a huge population and its dependency on lakes it becomes necessary to monitor the health of these lakes.

Many of the western countries are adopting modern technology-based methods for lake monitoring but still in India the lake monitoring is done in a very old fashion. Here the samples are taken on a periodic basis and tests are carried out in the labs to get the data, later these data is further analyzed to get the health status of lakes.

Our idea is all about automating this process with the help of iot and cloud-based solutions which will not only decrease the cost of the process but will also allow us to do real-time monitoring of lakes using interactive dashboards.

About: - It is a smart monitoring system for the overall health of lakes. It is a cloud and iot based system which will enable us in doing real-time monitoring of the health of lakes from any location in the world. This will get the data and will provide awareness and understanding from that data through real-time contextualization and visualization.

Working Mechanism: - Here are the steps of the working mechanism of our system:- ● This system will communicate from IoT devices deployed inside lakes and use their sensors to get the real-time sensor data. ● These data will be sent to IBM Watson iot platform and it will be stored on the Bluemix Cloud Storage. ● This stored data will be further automatically analyzed using Watson Analytics Services to give useful results. ● At last, these data will be made available to the user on a mobile application which will visualize the data using interactive dashboard panel.

Data Capture: - Here the data will be collected using a physical iot device such as Raspberry pi which will be connected to IBM Watson IoT platform.

Data Flow: - The data will flow using Simple Data Pipe, this allows you to connect to data behind web APIs and land it all in one staging ground in its native form using IBM Cloudant NoSQL DB. IBM Bluemix provides prebuilt connections to data sources as well as integrations with both IBM dashDB for data warehousing and IBM Analytics for Apache Spark™ for advanced analytics processing.

Data Analysis: - The data will be analyzed using a bunch of IBM Watson APIs and IBM SmartCloud Analytics. IBM SmartCloud Analytics is a new family of capabilities designed to index, search, and analyze application, middleware, and infrastructure data generated by your key business applications. IBM SmartCloud Analytics provides a log analysis that accelerates problem isolation, identification, and repair by providing insights into previously untapped and underutilized sources of data.

Data Visualisation: - Visualisation of data will be done using a mobile application which will provide an interactive dashboard with real-time monitoring facility. There will be options to visualize the data in different charts and graphs.

Extra features: -

  1. GPS Location Facility - The app will provide a map which will show the location of all the IoT devices, it will make it easier to monitor a particular portion of the lake.
  2. Automatic Error Detection - The app will also automatically detect the damaged or malfunctioning devices. It will also notify about the devices which are facing some other problems such as connectivity issues or power shortage.
  3. Upgraded Analytics - The data stored on Bluemix will be automatically analyzed using IBM Watson APIs which will do the predictive analysis to recommend us to take steps to improve the health of the lakes.

NOTE: You can also check the Android app using dropbox link (

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