At school, there are two chrome extensions that make life a bit easier for us students (bell schedule and grades). However, the system that our school has in place right now, isn't convenient. When we watch announcements in 2nd period, not all classes are able to watch it because their teacher isn't able to play it. So, students are missing out on important information that they should know, like when athletes should leave class to the bus to their games, or when and where club meetings are occurring, or any brunch or lunch activities in the quad.

What it does

This project is a chrome extension that posts reminders for the whole school where students can check on it anytime, whether it's during school or outside of school. We are also looking more into making this extension interactive by linking it to a website so teachers or others are able to enter in info for students to be able to see it. This is necessary for all students.

How we built it

We first built a basic website using HTML and javascript that tells the date and has drop-down menus where people are able to read the different announcements under each category. Then, we transformed the code so it is compatible with chrome extension and added it to chrome, editing the pop-up box to make it look nicer and easier to navigate. We also created a small logo design that represents our chrome extension.

Challenges we ran into

We had a bit of trouble first setting the date. But, after we asked around and got help from a mentor, we were able to solve this problem. We also pivoted from our first idea a lot, which made it hard to have a set structure of our program because in our original idea, there was too many information on the chrome extension, so we cut some things out to make it easy to navigate and have a simple design. We also had trouble converting our website to a chrome extension because there were specific formatting issues we had that we weren't familiar with (how to deal with). This is also our first hackathon and we came here without any ideas, starting everything from scratch, with minimum coding experience in HTML, javascript, CSS, etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating our first website from scratch and converting it into a chrome extension, which is also made from scratch. With minimal coding experience that we had, we had to do a lot of research and asking around to finally be able to fix our problems and answer our questions.

What we learned

At the end of the day, we understood the main concepts of creating a website and Chrome extension, exploring different languages, and how to set up a simple website quickly. We also learned that a website can never be complete, since you can continue to improve and fix any bugs or have minor fixes to work to advance the quality of the website.

What's next for LAHS Announcements

Even though we didn't complete our whole product with our database, we will still continue to develop and improve our website so it can be used for all students.

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