Gamification, the discipline of incentivizing actions in real life through video game elements. Though there already exist several apps on the app store that gamify various aspects of life from walking to studying to financial management, there lacks a centralized, comprehensive app that combines all of the user's efforts into one world. Following in the footsteps of the Habit RPG, Reborn strives to further blur the boundaries between real life and fantasy.

What it does

Reborn is a glorified to-do list that rewards accomplishments in real life with stat growth.

How we built it

The frontend is built with Swift, the backend with Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Teammates dropping out. Since the app is fundamentally a productivity app, there was a lot of consideration in minimizing time spent menuing. Let us know if we did a good job! Rather than engineering challenges, Reborn faces a lot challenging philosophical and psychological questions when deciding rewards. How do we quantify effort? How do we decide punishments for quest failure? How do we handle character death?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Oscar: This is my first time completing the MVP for an app at a hackathon. Roger: Coming into the hack, I asked a few friends and acquaintances to join me in the development of this project, but every one of them turned me down. One even mentioned that it wouldn't be very useful. Fast forward two weeks, I'm sitting in front of an MVP for the very same idea. I'm truly glad to have found people at LA Hacks who were believed in my vision and worked with me despite my lack of experience. Andrew: "When half the team left, I stayed behind." Also, as a 3D modeling artist, I'm proud that I was able to do something out of my element in the way of graphic design for a mobile application.

What we learned

Oscar: I improved my proficiency with Swift and Github merging. Roger: Prior to this hack, I had never touched Swift or backend development before, so the development of Reborn was an incredibly valuable learning experience for me. Andrew: "Preparation is key, and that the power of friendship conquers all."

What's next for LAHax

Users can expect more quest categories and ways to buff their character. Characters will soon have unique classes enabled that match the user's lifestyle. Players will soon be able to hunt powerful monsters for rare items and equipment to further buff their characters. Beyond that, players can expect multiplayer functionality for collaborative hunting. Integrations with other apps (banks apps, health apps) will allow certain quests auto-completing and a more seamless connection between the game and reality. Other logging features, such as those for workouts or studying to even more precisely track productivity.

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