Shayne Walton is a Political Science major at UCLA who is passionate about service work. When she attempts to encourage others to get involved, there are always two main excuses: I'm too busy and I don't have any money to donate. We thought of this app as a way to bridge the gap between the poor college student and the causes that they care most about.

What it does

This app syncs with your FitBit and helps to track your steps. For every day that you hit your 10,000 step goal, a sponsor will donate a set amount of money to the non-profit of your choice.

How we built it

We used Xcode and built the project in Swift. We used Cocoapods to import an OAuth2 library in order to connect to the FitBit API. The JSON of your FitBit information is parsed into the app and then shown in the dashboard.

Challenges we ran into

We weren't sure how to start connecting to an API. None of the team knew how OAuth worked so we struggled in the beginning. We also did not have an idea of how to build it in the beginning. The user experience and user story were also very important. We need to align our personal goals and group goals in order to successfully create the application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All of us learned something by the end of this weekend and our app works!!!

What we learned

UI/UX prototyping, storyboards, user analysis, iOS, Swift, OAuth, teamwork

What's next for paso

Next we are going to focus on getting support from corporate sponsors. We are working to connect with professional athletes, corporations, and nutrition bloggers. Our goal is to connect people of all different backgrounds to causes that they care about with help from sponsors. Once we have sponsors lined up, we will work with them to find out the causes that they care most about and where they'd be willing to donate their money to.

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