According to CBS News, around 12 million Americans are misdiagnosed each year. ( Our mission with MediSense is to reduce this mass misdiagnosis through the use of modern technologies such as machine learning.

We wanted to be able to help both doctors and citizens be able to diagnose problems, so we have both the public and organizational views available for people to use.

The organizational view works for any registered medical organization in our system. Each medical organization can upload their own data sets, from previous years of documented patient MRI's or CT Scans. This is advantageous for specialists too as they can upload data for their specialization.

Overall we want MediSense to assist doctors and provide a "sixth sense" when detecting disease or injury in patients.

Some of our biggest issues were trying to find datasets to train our model with for AWS and Tensorflow. Many datasets had to be given access to and request access weeks in advance.

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