Inspired by the upcoming 2024 Olympics, we built this app to enhance audience viewing pleasure and improve the overall fan experience. Combining Microsoft’s cutting-edge emotion-recognition API and our crowd analysis algorithm, we developed an app that determines audience-engagement levels with the event they’re watching. Through these analyses, the software additionally aims to bring athletes and fans together through richer and more personable athlete and fan interactions.

How to use

Linked to video cameras that survey the audience, the app will generate a percentage approval rating of the audience to be displayed on the app screen. The app works best when spectators have their faces directly and clearly facing the camera.


• Able to analyze multiple faces at once

• Utilizes Microsoft’s facial-recognition API

• Gives an accurate reading of percent happy faces in a crowd


• Connecting viewer to performer

• For use in census to determine overall population’s happiness

• Analysis of theme park effectiveness

• Higher performer recognition

Challenges we ran into

• Working with limited documentation on accessing the camera for a MacOSX

• Switching between Swift and Objective C

• Learning Objective C

• Security issues with taking photos over a lengthened period of time


• Enhancement of GUI

• A live graphing feature that constantly plots the percentage audience engagement over time and calculates average engagement.

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