Dream Well

Inspiration for the idea

It is no secret that insomnia and sleep deprivation problems have become increasingly prevalent in our society. While most people simply suggest you to "get more sleep time", it rarely is as simple as that. In order to have a truly healthy sleep, a lot of factors come into account. These include external temperature, room brightness, mental comfort, stress and many more. Most of the physical factors associated with sleep can be taken into account and adjusted to result in better quality sleep for people. DreamWell aims to do this by monitoring your sleep by analyzing your dreams and your physical environment, and provides you with suggestions based on that to improve your sleep, and your general health.

What does it do?

Dream Well is an iOS app that lets you keep an account of your dreams. It lets you record your account of the dream, converts it into text and then runs a sentiment analysis on it. It also connects with an Arduino kit which measures your physical surroundings for temperature, humidity and brightness. It then uses this data and analyzes it against your past recordings, and gives you suggestions on how to improve your sleep quality by correspondingly tweaking your external physical conditions.

How we built it

We transcribe the user’s speech to text using Apple’s SpeechKit, then we send it up to a node.js server for processing. The server then uses Microsoft Cognitive Services API to get the sentiment and keywords associated with your dream. Also, while the user sleeps, an Arduino kit collects the physical readings of your room like humidity, brightness, temperature, and then sends the data to the server using the RaspberryPi. The app uses all the information to create intuitive graphs for the user to see trends with their sleep quality and dream sentiment with those various metrics over time. It analyses this data and runs it through a linear regression model written in Python to determine how the current physical conditions of your room are affecting your sleep and gives you suggestions about it.

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