A common problem for young entrepreneurs who have an idea is that they simply do not have efficient ways to find resources. Many times they go on multiple tabs at once to search for different videos, articles, and events that could potentially help with their idea. Our idea, Erudite, is a simple search engine that allows anyone who has an idea to be able to access all the necessary materials in a short period of time. Our app first asks for the user to state their project title and different key words to go along with their project as well. The more specific the user's key words are, the more accurate the search engine results will be. The user also enters the category of their project. Finally, they are given access to wide range of YouTube videos, Khan Academy lessons, research papers, online articles, and public events that are related to their project. In order to access these resources, we used a multitude of apis. We used the YouTube api for the YouTube and Khan Academy videos, the CORE api for the research articles, and the MeetUp api for the local events. Our main struggle throughout this hackathon was finding a way to effectively organize all the resources that we accessed. This was important as it was the defining factor for our project. Another challenge was retrieving the most relevant data. At times, a few resources did not pertain to the idea given by the user. We combated this by constantly manipulating the api's until we received optimal search results.

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