Manage LA

The mechanics of the game.

The game starts off with a certain amount of resources in the environment. The goal of the game is to reach the desired amount of population without using up all of your resources. Certain resources are replenished at a certain rate and other resources are replenished by clicking on the respective buildings.

Implementation of the Idea

The game is implemented through Unity and uses C# as the language for scripting. The game is set in 3d and works on a basic tapping mechanism. We had more plans for our implementation but as a team decided to stick to the one we could see ourselves completing in the period of 36 hours.

The mission of this game

The main aim of this game is for the user to keep the population up by a fixed amount of resources which increase as they would in the real world. When the user proceeds through the levels it becomes difficult to keep the population up with the limited amount of resources available.

Future Plans for this game

Our plans for this game is to convert it into a VR or an AR game which can enable the user to interact with the water bodies, farms, apartments, dairies, restaurants, or other places in LA to stock up their resources and then use these resources to build and expand their own version of Los Angeles while keeping the same scenery of Los Angeles.

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