Our team liked the idea of “Hack for Good.” There was a discussion on how we can help the community.Many ideas were tossed around until one team member mentioned bicycles.

DonQuiSoft was founded by Greg Winton and Steve Lafferty. The App our team will create for this Hackathon is in memory of Steve. Steve passed away after a terrible bike accident.

The Problem We'd Like to Solve

Help bike riders broken down and in need of assistance. This is a peer-to-peer, pay-it-forward initiative for the bike rider community.


What it Does

The version we are about to build will be the main feature of the “Laffer App.” A bike rider will be able to send out a “Bike Signal” to call for assistance. Helpers in the area will be alerted and may accept the call. The rider will will get periodical updates upon estimated arrival for help. All profiles in this version are hidden for security reasons. The Helper arrives at the bikers location and provides assistance.

How We Build it

No code was written prior!

There are 2 versions for the App

The thinking behind 2 platforms is: More people/helpers to reach out too.

  • A iPhone version developed by Greg

  • An Android version developed by Tony


It is supported by a NodeJS backend developed by Roger

Challenges I ran into

There are so many features we like to add to “Laffer”. The Hackerthon is to short! We ideal like to do a demo for everyone. The specifics are not determined as of now.

Working without a designer is not something we are used too.


We see our biggest accomplishment in our strength working together as a team. Coming on your day off, to work on what we love to do, proves DonQuiSoft has the best developer team out there.

Having met so many great, talented and inspirational people.


What I learned

Even with the best efforts there is always something unexpected.

Communication has to be #1 in working together.



What’s next for “Laffer”

  1. Have the designer create art .

  2. Building “Laffer” for an official release.

  3. There is a list of features, everything from login to gamification.

  4. We have 2 more business models for “Laffer”

-   Bike Clubs

-   Bicycle Retailers.
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