Inspiration 💡

My idea is to build a website which serves as a complete guide to a women's mental and physical health and well-being. I aim to spread awareness about health which is often neglected among women.

What it does ⚙️

The website plans to constitute various features such as tracking menstruation cycles, a quick general healthcare check-up, mental health wellness and fitness blogs, a recreation or resources page, connect with doctors, and a forum where women can discuss and share experiences etc.

How we built it ⚒️

For the front-end I used HTML, and CSS and for the backend, I used PHP and SQL. I made the database in MySql using PhpMyadmin and finally, hosted the website using 000webhost and used the MLH-provided GoDaddy registry domain. For the physical health checkup, I used ApiMedic API and for connecting with the Doctor using a live video conference, I used VideoWhisper.

Challenges we ran into ❌

I had a major challenge in setting up the website properly for the physical health checkup section, wherein I had to use an API and make the front-end in such a way that all features could be implemented, but in the end, I figured everything out after hours of thinking, the errors I couldn't solve.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 😊

How the final website turned out, I like how the site is as functional as I originally expected it to be. I am proud that I had fun in the process and I met other great hackers in the course of this hackathon, thanks to MLH for the opportunity.

What we learned 👨‍🔬

Learned how to host a full-stack website using 000webhost, and also use a custom GoDaddy domain and host my website.

What's next for Lady Hub ⏭️

Next up, I plan to launch a mobile app (iOS and android) for LadyHub). Detect the current mood of the user through questions and create Spotify playlists or movie playlists. To install a safety bell icon in our application so that in case a woman gets molested, she can send her the exact location of the nearby Police Station.

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