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Ladybug is an automated frontend and backend testing suite that goes through your website's accessibility, design, error handling, flow, response time, security, and content. Built on proven research.


  • Real-time web scraping
  • Password cracking
  • Open api routes
  • Web sockets
  • Accessibility research
  • A LOT of math (Levenshtein distance, light intensity calculations)


For businesses, small developers, or just your average person trying to create a portfolio to find an internship! It is not plausible to set up a full testing suite on a website. But a few clicks is not a comprehensive test of a website...

How often have you visited a website and links are broken? The security is weak? It's inaccessible for colorblind users? This leads to websites looking unprofessional and makes them loses business, integrity, and veracity. This could all be solved with L A D Y B U G.

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