We met with two nurses from Penn Medicine, who shed light on the process of nursing pre-maturely born babies to us. We visited the pre-natal care unit to get a better feel of the needs and requirements. We were surprised to know that even in today's tech-savvy world, the entire process of managing and tracking the breast milk for preemies was manual. This is our attempt at building a platform and trying to automate the process.


Preemies or pre-mature babies are kept in NICU i.e. natal intensive care unit till they have fully developed. This can take months altogether, during which it is not possible for the mother to be present next to her baby every single moment of the day. The lactating mothers are given milk bottles to be filled with breast milk, which are then fed to the baby in the hospital by the nurses. Our app tries to automate the management and tracking of the milk bottles, while aiming to make it a simpler and happier experience for all involved.

What it does:

It is a web-based app that streamlines the process of nursing preemies. It consists of three modules: one for the lactating mother who uses the app to record details for every breast milk bottle filled, the nurse who is responsible for feeding the new-born and keeping track of the tot's milk consumption and the admin at the hospital who maintains the system. The system involves use of QR codes to manage the details of each milk bottle.

How we built it:

We began with discussing the requirements and the infrastructure of the app. We set up a back-end to maintain the databases, enable QR code usage and flesh out the various users of the app. We then proceeded to develop a user-friendly and responsive front-end. Last but not the least, we hacked some hardware to come up with the self-measuring app that would emulate the milk-bottle.

Challenges we ran into:

We wanted an app that could be used by any OS, be it Desktop (Mac/Windows) or Mobile (Android/iOS/Windows). We decided that a mobile-first, responsive web app would be the way to go.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

On a technological level: creation of a self-measuring cup! As far as the larger picture is concerned, we love the fact that as part of Penn Apps, we got to work on something that addresses a real problem with a highly impactful solution.

What we learned:

Full-stack development and product management.

What's next for Lact-o-log:

We hope to continue working on this to be able to deploy this on a large-scale for hospitals.

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