boldI really love the music department a lot. I played clarinet for 3 years, and have sung all my life. It really breaks my heart when I see that the music programs get cut due to the budget.

What it does

boldIt informs people about the problem that not only the music programs run into, but the children in those programs too. I wanted to propose a solution to how to solve those problems because the music programs are something that many people overlook

How I built it

boldI'm really familiar on so I used that. I was also familiar with the HTML code and how to use CSS. It was really fun to build the website.

Challenges I ran into

boldI wanted to add a "click me" button. I had a lot of trouble because I would click the button and nothing would display. I even had my mom help me but I wasn't getting it. Finally I looked it up on a coding website and got it down. Also I wanted to change the font in an unordered list but I couldn't. I realized that I didn't close a bracket and that was why it wasn't working.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

boldThe "click me" button. I had to use javascript to add that and I wasn't familiar with that coding language. I ran into so many problems but eventually got it to work. ''' function myFunction() { document.getElementById(&quot;myCheck&quot;).innerHTML&#39;&#39;&#39; </p> <h2 id="what-i-learned">What I learned</h2> <p><strong>bold</strong>I learned a little bit of Javascript and I&#39;m really excited about that. I also relearned lost information about HTML. It was actually really cool to relearn what I had forgotten. </p> <h2 id="what&#39;s-next-for-save-our-music-programs.">What&#39;s next for Save Our Music Programs.</h2> <p><strong>bold</strong>I honestly don&#39;t know. Hopefully some people will see this and understand that saving our music program is really important. Individuals can come up with various solutions that will save our music programs. </p>

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