Lacemaking was my inspiration since high school. There are also many interesting mathematical problems related to it.

  • did you know that lacemakers from Vologda use Euler cycles to make lattices? To return to the same point where they've started.
  • Want to make multicolor lace and want to see how it will look while making the pattern? you'll surely have to deal with this!

What it does

For now it generates new pattern every time you refresh the page.

How I built it

We used procedural content generation algorithm.

Challenges I ran into

  • me and my teammates don't do javascript often
  • it was fun to try something new - we haven't done anything related to procedural generation before
  • it was extremely hard to pick the task which is solvable in 48 hours (especially without datasets!)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I've learnt about wave function collapse algorithm

What I learned

wave function collapse algorithm + and about crazy things from twitter, i.e. this one

What's next for lacerator

  • We plan to collect dataset with pattern fragments (vectorized)
  • We also plan to improve current algorithm implementation, to be able to produce patterns for different types of bobbin laces;
  • We want to make preview for multicolor patterns.
  • Of course, there are different kinds of laces in different countries, some of them are too hard to implement)

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