HackTX 2015

This project is a wishlist matchmaking website for the Japanese street fashion, specifically the lolita fashion. This fashion has tons of collectible dresses, with specific names, and specific shapes. Buyers and sellers in the community connecting by posting in social media sites and hoping that the other half sees the buying or selling post. This website would connect the sellers and potential buyers and help facilitate the process of selling and buying a specific collectible dress.

The site would have a database of dresses, and each dress would have two main buttons: 'Wish for this dress' and 'Sell this dress.' When there is a seller for a dress that someone is wishing, they would be sent mutual emails with each other's contact information.

At HackTX, we started a Ruby on Rails skeleton. It was both of our first times working with Ruby on Rails, but we chose it for the fast development of a simple model. We created working tables for Users, Wishlists, and Dresses that one can edit/createnew/destroy. It's deployed via Heroku. We gave Bluemix about two hours before we gave up attempting to deploy with Bluemix and moved to Heroku. We also went ahead and nabbed the domain '' for one year.

I learned a lot about using Ruby on Rails, the importance of reaching out to tutors for help, as well as working with Github's Shell, when it seemed like the GUI didn't ever work.

I intend on continuing to develop the project after the hackathon.

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