As one of the first voice game developers we were intrigued by the opportunities that in-skill purchasing could offer, but we wanted to ensure that we could could integrate ISPs into our games while adding genuine value to our users.

We regularly speak to our players, many of whom are families of all ages who sit down together to enjoy an evening of fun gaming with Alexa.

From these conversations and undertaking user research we found that users didn't respond well to frequently being prompted to purchase consumables, and parents didn't appreciate their children spending real-money on packs of questions or other consumable items.

While it would be possible to add different consumables to each of our games, we felt that a low-priced monthly subscription would be the best fit for our users, including a strong contingent of blind users, who love our games because they are unable to access other forms of gaming. We also believe that having a consistent subscription across all of our games will allow us to invest back into our community and have better conversations with our most dedicated players.

What it does

At launch, our membership offers users unlimited access to all Would you Rather questions and allows users to continue playing the Daily Quiz after getting a question wrong - as well as adding bonus explanations and interesting facts to accompany questions. The premium experiences already launched in 'True or False', 'Trivia Hero' are being integrated currently.

How we built it

We used a central master users database to keep track of which game the user has subscribed in - so that we can honour their subscription in the other games.

Challenges we ran into

The crucial challenge for us was identifying where we separate the free and paid experiences of both games, ensuring that we are being fair to our existing users (who may choose not to subscribe), while offering an improved premium experience for subscribers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we were able to create the membership in a way that is fairly seamless between all of our games, and provides a solid platform for future titles. We believe our players will be able to quickly recognise when they're playing a labworks game - especially if they're a subscriber.

What we learnt

During the process of adding the subscription to our games, we discovered the importance of presenting ourselves as "the team behind the game." During user testing many people were surprised to learn that a team of people were behind some of their favourite games [and not just a division of Amazon], and after learning this fact, they were far more willing to subscribe to the membership.

We also learnt that offering users a 7-day trial period really improved our user's attitude towards subscribing, as it provided them an opportunity to see what they were getting - without the fear of being charged prematurely.

What's next for labworks membership

We're going to bring the membership to all of our skills and make the experience consistent across all of our products. We're going to bring even more value to our subscribers by investing heavily in premium multimodal experiences for subscribers.

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