LabPal is a free mobile application designed to help students, researchers, professionals, etc. in the fields of science and engineering. LabPal comes with a rich user-interface design, along with several tools that make accessing data quick and easy.

LabPal uses 4 main datasets which are listed below:

1.) CODATA Fundamental Physical Constants (NIST SRD 121)

2.) Ground Levels and Ionization Energies for the Neutral Atoms (NIST SRD 111)

3.) Atomic Weights and Isotopic Compositions (NIST SRD 144)

4.) NIST Computational Chemistry Comparison and Benchmark Database (CCCBDB, NIST SRD 101)

The features included are:

-Element Search (Displays atomic weights, isotopic compositions, and more!)

-Lab Calculator (Includes a constants search that allows the user to import known scientific values)

-IR Viewer (Displays IR spectrum data of several different chemical compounds in a graph)

-Lab Notes (Allow the user to quickly write and save notes with the ability to share)

LabPal is a "go-to" tool for individuals in the fields of Chemistry, Physics, or Engineering.

This product uses data provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) but is not endorsed or certified by NIST

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