Due to the pandemic happening all over the world most of the rural unorganized laborers and daily wage workers are facing a lot of issues with their jobs, They are not working under some organization or any MNC’s so that they have their job secured and they just depend upon their daily wages to live their life. So we came up with an effective way to organize them, and make sure to notify them of their respective jobs by connecting them to the local contractors or people who need their work to be done by these people.


These laborers are facing the issues of food and their work, do you think they would be having smartphones. Before starting with the project, we did research as to what percentage of laborers working in the unorganized sector have smartphones, and we found out that 78% of people working in these sectors do not have smartphones. So, we came up with an approach in which we can take the data of these laborers using an IVR System (Interactive Voice Response System) in which the laborer just has to give his details on the call and they are stored in the database. We then connect them with contractors or people who hire on our platform and they can easily get in touch with the laborers. Once the recruiter is interested in a laborer he can invite him from our server through normal SMS service and the labor will be notified by IVR call, or contact them through the phone number provided.


a. No need for smartphones for the laborers b. Local contractors can easily get in touch with their information. c. We will have the dashboard where the local contractors or local people filter can the laborers of their choice and invite them. d. We will notify the laborer back with the IVR call system itself so no internet is necessary. e. IVR system will be given in the local(regional) language itself.

PPT Link : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1yJQCyGj5ZUVsJdh6RgPLZ9YQCeL06YMc2_yBLg5sdao/edit?usp=sharing

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