LABikemap started as a tool to visualize bike routes by risk. Taking data provided by the LAPD and Santa Monica PD (SMPD), we were able to visualize risk areas in the city of LA.

As a result:



Our submission piece

We felt that the Hack for LA event would be an appropriate event to further advance the project.

For the hack-a-thon want to visually capture interest points in Los Angeles from a bike-centric point of view.

Cyclists would be able to

  • submit interest points (bike friendly businesses, hidden local gems like late-night taco trucks, co-working spaces, etc)
  • submit points of caution (dangerous roads, incidents, etc)

This submission form must 1) Allow for mobile based submission 2) Easy to submit

With data submission piece, we next look to use this data to provide a better picture of what is possible for practical cycling in LA.

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