What is Labeeb ?

Labeeb is a facial recognition platform that identifies pilgrims who are lost, injured, unconscious, or have difficult communicating and provide medical record & emergency contact information to medical staff.

Where can Labeeb be used ?

  • Doctors can use it to have quick access to medical records, allowing them to handle the case in a safe manner
  • Police and Hajj organizers can use it to identify children and get them to their loved ones.

What is our strongest selling point ?

Labeeb can be used easily with no extra overhead on the pilgrim. A pilgrim goes to Makkah for a religious and spiritutual journey, Labeeb does not want to overburden them with bracelets, keychains, smartphones and other trinkets. Only medical practitioners, police, and other officials will have Labeeb giving them all the access to information they need.

How can Labeeb generate money ?

  • Ministries of health and ministries of Hajj
  • Insurance companies
  • Parents
  • Revenue sharing with different governmental agencies (Elm for example)
  • Massar Makkah inititative in Malaysia and Indonesia

Reason we are awesome

We built an iOS app, we built an Android app, both beautifully designed, we built a secure back-end, and a smart facial recognition system, all during this hackathon.

** If we have access to MOI & MOH databases, we can be operational this Hajj NEXT month!!! **

Why we don't use fingerprints ?

We wanted access. All medics have smart phones. They are accessible. Fingerprint readers are either bulky, or a peripheral that is easily lost. Also scanning faces in crowdy situations or on a bumpy ride in an ambulance is easier than scanning fingerprints.

Future evolution.

This is just the beginning! Labeeb has the potential to provide solutions to many complicated problems, including:

  • Facial payments.
  • Searching and identifying people of interest.
  • Identification of bodies in case of disasters.
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