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Many researchers, among them PhD students, need to access their laboratories. Now that the campus is closed for everyone, none of them can run experiments etc. At some point though, we will need to find a way for the scientific research to safely continue by allowing a limited number of people to work on campus at a time, while taking into account where they need to work and making sure it is safe for them.


Make a smart room/lab booking system for performing research safely during the pandemic. We imagine the system to handle researchers' requests to access rooms inside buildings on campus to do experiments, while taking into consideration how many people would be present in each room/section/floor/building at each time and checking this against set safety limits to determine whether to grant them access.

What It Does

See our video for the demo.

How We Built It

We’ve built LabBook during the hackathon, from concept to implementation, using SQLite, Flask and Bootstrap.

Challenges We Ran Into

  • Distributing work between four people so that no one is overwhelmed or bored.
  • Arguing about calendar layout colors was pretty tense.
  • Dealing with different python versions on the development machines compared to the demo server.

Accomplishments We Are Proud Of

We weren't using git branches and haven't all ended up in a mess -- and proud of it.

What We Learned

For most of us, this was the first time with Flask, SQLite and Bootstrap, so we had to learn almost everything we were doing.

What's Next

Get feedback and see if we could team up with the appropriate people to put a system like this to use :)

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