Inspiration LAB@HAND is an interactive educational app /web.

which allows students to access their personal labs and helps them carryout practicals in times like these when online education is the major medium of education. The online medium has taken over the education industry. The students face difficulty in getting access to thelaboratory education. There are many simulation software which make the work easy but none get them as far as giving them a real-life experience. So, we propose LAB@HAND as an alternative to the online laboratory education.

What it does

LAB@HAND empowers the students to visualize the laboratory education through an immersive Augmented Reality(AR)experience. Students can learn at their pace at the comfort of their homes. All this is made possible througha mobile application without any additional burden. subjects through performing experiments. The experiments are designed either as simulations or as remote triggered. A remote triggered lab allows a user to connect to real equipment using a web browser. We are planning to implement around 1500+ experiments at various streams. Objective

  1. To provide remote access to Labs in various disciplines
  2. To arouse curiosity in students and help them learn concepts through remote experimentation
  3. To provide a complete ‘Learning Management System’ (LMS) around the Virtual labs – a. access to web-resources, videos, animated demonstrations and b. self evaluation
  4. To provide access to resources available to only a limited number of users due to constraints of time and physical locations. If tab Industrial Visit (IV) tab is give a opportunity to provide students an insight regarding internal working of companies. Industrial facility virtual tours are an attractive alternative to corporate videos and Power Point presentations. The full screen, high definition, immersive 360 degree medium is an engaging experience that keeps a web visitor interested in your content and wanting more. Virtually Anywhere uses this dynamic 360 degree medium as the backdrop for delivering your corporate message in a distinctive and powerful way. Our industrial virtual tours are often proven to be the most widely used content on our clients’ websites.

How I built it

Unity Google ARCore C# Java

Challenges I ran into

I don't know about how I use unity

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Iam learned unity and other things

What I learned

Lot of new things and technology

What's next for LAB@HAND

To get all to access we have to implement it by using flutter. WEB PAGE using HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT, SQL etc.

Built With

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