The idea of Laafi La Tiim project was born following recurring observations made in various families. It has been found that after the patients have healed, there may still be drugs to use. Yet somewhere in the same city or elsewhere, another person may have the same need for the medicine and lack the financial means to buy it. Also some people often have crises where they urgently need a specific or rare product at the risk of perishing. It is faced with this observation and the economic situation of our populations, that we thought of setting up Laafi La Tiim project.

What it does

The Laafi La Tiim project consists of two main modules:

  • The management application used by the project partners drugstores;
  • Bot Messenger.

a) Laafi La Tiim application

The Laafi La Tiim Application is used by drugstores to manage drug depots and sales. Each drug deposit will be checked by the pharmacist. If the drug is not expired and is in good condition, the pharmacist or salesperson will record it in the database. Then the donor of the medicine will receive a payment according to the given product, the remaining quantity and the tariff in force in Laafi La Tiim. With each drug purchase in the partner pharmacy, the available stock of products is updated. This information will be consulted through the Messenger bot.

b) Bot Messenger When the user arrives on the bot for the first time, he accesses a brief presentation of Laafi La Tiim's activities. Then by clicking on the start button, he accesses to the home page of the bot consisting of a menu with the following links: - Visit our website; - Continue the chat.

He decides either to visit the application's website or to continue to search the information that he needs.

If he chooses to visit the website, he will access the platform's home page. When he chooses to continue, he will come across a second menu in which he will have the next menu:
-search drugs; - search drugstores; - Subscribe to the newsletter.

In case of drug search, the user will indicate to the bot his search criteria according to the format "SEARCH+CITY+DRUG". In the case of a pharmacy search, it will be "DRUGSTORES+CITY". For the newsletter, it will be: "SIGNUP+EMAIL". In each case, the system will return the requested information or error messages.

How we built it

Our bot is a drug search engine available in the partners of the project. For the realization of the bot, we followed the following steps: • Analysis of the project problem (Functional Study and Technical Study); Scenario development; • Modeling the future system; • Creation and implementation of the database; • Finally, for the programming of the application and the bot, we used programming language PHP as base language and MySQL as DBMS; • Development of the management application used by drugstores; • Development of the Bot Messenger; • Web applications and Bot tests; • Online in the Cloud of .

Challenges we ran into

• First experience with Bots Messenger for almost all members of the group; • Understanding how Bots Messenger works; • Interaction between our web page and the Bot; • Difficulties of recovery of the payload events.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• The realization of our Bot Laafi La Tiim; • Mastering communication with the Bot.

What we learned

• Developing a Bot • Manage events following the reception of messages from users. • Create menus in the Bot.

What's next for Laafi Test

The next step for Laafi La Tiim is to :

  • Integrate the payment of medicines via the Bot or the web management platform; -Develop a mobile application of the solution; -Drafting of our Business Plan;
  • Try to raise funds to set up our startup.
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