Our true inspiration behind this project comes from a time when we were invited to a concert at a small venue that had a local band performing live. While we were being fans of the music, we couldn’t help but notice how the band was struggling to put out proper background music effects at the right times. The venue itself was a few months old and did not have any sponsors or significant financial backing. The venue’s director had to get up on stage in the middle of the concert to apologize for their stage equipment being older and not up-to-par with the bigger, more well-known venues in town. He also apologized for the event being somewhat spoiled because of the poor equipment. After we had gotten back home, we talked about what had happened at the venue. After throwing around some really wacky ideas on the plane back home, we realized that we could actually find a much more affordable way for small startup venues to implement background effects. After asking around and talking to our friends and family, we realized that it would be more natural for artists to control the background effects using their own hand gestures. Because of our experience at that venue, we decided to build Smart Glove. Our Smart Glove was made for a total of $25. The current equipment that is used to create background effects cost upwards of $300.

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