Water resource management is our biggest challenge. You can’t nag or shame people into conservation – but maybe you can tickle them into it. Anyone who would download an app about water conservation is already in the choir. This is designed to reach the uninitiated. Our content delivery system will work in partnership with Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and/or another platform as a package/library that integrates with their apps. Beacon proximity triggers a push notification with micro-content that is entertaining and/or inspiring – followed by a simple educational statement that is attached and can be shared. Solve a 21st century problem with a 21st century PSA.

How it works

Reinvents the PSA w/beacon pushed social media micro-content to expand the reach of water conservation messaging. This is not a mobile app. It is a library that gets dropped into any mobile app and/ or any social platform.

Challenges I ran into

Time constraints, Endless Possibilities to sort through, Integrating Beacon SDK, Generating Original and Relevant Content

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We started with one idea that was too big and had to totally redesign our plans and come up with a more realistic project idea. Another challenge was coordinating 3 people with chaotic schedules, while delivering other projects on deadline.

What I learned

It's ill-advised to tackle too big of an idea in 24 hours. It's better to focus on an idea that is achievable.

What's next for LA Water

We'd like to find a home for it in a Los Angeles area, but we'd also like to explore nation-wide opportunities, so that everyone can learn to appreciate the need for water conservation.

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