One of our team members recently got their driver's license and was inspired to create a project focusing on making transportation and parking easier.

What it does

LA Parking locates and displays the closest parking lots along with other useful information such as cost, the parking lots hours of operation and more.

How we built it

Built using Android Studio, Geohub API provided by the city of LA, Google Map APIs (Distance Matrix, Geocoding)

Challenges we ran into

A challenge we faced was trying to use an API that was only able to solve a small subset of problems when we needed it to solve something much larger. The Google Distance Matrix API found the distance of at most 25 locations, however, we needed to process ~130 different parking lots in LA and find the shortest distance between the starting location and each parking lot. Since we had the latitude and longitude coordinates, we used the distance formula to find the closest 25 locations geographically. We then sent those 25 locations to the Distance Matrix API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Utilizing several different APIs and having them work together in order to solve a problem is an accomplishment that we are proud of. Another accomplishment would be just the organization and overall planning that we did before starting the project.

What we learned

We learned to develop a mobile application using Android Studio, which was something that the team was not fully experienced with.

What's next for LA Parking

  • Sensing availability of parking spaces
  • Get user's current location instead of user input
  • Give the user the ability to sort parking by other criteria (i.e. price, hours)
  • Integrate voice control
  • Include parking meters
  • Enhance GUI + animations

Built With

  • android-studio
  • geohub-lacity-city-owned-parking-lots-api
  • google-maps-destination-matrix-api
  • google-maps-geocoding-api
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