We create La Neutra thinking that information should not always be on one side. Users who consume information daily sometimes do not realize that there are favoritisms. It was created so that users can have two options and thus take a credible perspective.

What it does

The Neutra informs its users at the moment that a news occurs, using a strict and thorough analysis of each news, this in order to avoid the false news that circulates. But it also invites users to see from different angles of the news and to give their opinions

How I built it

It was initially built in Wordpress and we have a mobile app built in React Native.

Challenges I ran into

Having the ability to create a mobile application in less time and especially apply a concept of speed to each news, review and publish on the website and social networks. Stand out from the traditional media from which they are also forced to evolve

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

To have a product that still needs to be polished, from the mobile application designed to deliver content always at hand.

What I learned

We have learned to explore the React language, its ease and way of building our project more effectively.

What's next for La Neutra

Many things like this:

  1. To have a content creation team good enough to make La Neutra scalable. Of course, the money to pay the team well.
  2. Have recognition as a news system allied with the media that report truthfully and without censorship.

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