Our inspiration is that a common problem for people is having to discreetly share tampons and pads, and this would provide an easy way to connect with other people to share tampons and pads when in need.

Our product allows users to see a list of nearby people who have registered as donors, and then contact them and determine a way to meet and receive tampons or pads when in need.

We built it mainly in html, css, and javascript, using html and css as frontend to make it look good and presentable to users, and then we used javascript partially as frontend and also as the backend, generating the list of nearby people, calculating distances, etc.

We ran into multiple challenges, primarily focused on our nonexistent knowledge of web designing previous to this event, as well as a time limit.

We created a partially completed product that can run without errors and has all the basics necessary to build an actual product.

We learned a lot about web designing, html, css, and javascript.

In the future, we would want to develop the front end of it more to make it look more official, as well as fleshing out the backend with additional functionality to make it more usable in the real world.

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