The theme of this year's LA Hacks was LA 2024, so we thought this web service will be a good idea to promote LA 2024.

What it does:

It takes two pictures from the user, one selfie, and one picture of sports star. Then we swap the faces and allow the users to vote which picture is the best.

How I built it:

The website is powered by Ruby on Rails with a bunch of HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and Ajax, with a python script running along to merge faces between two images. Python script is uses opencv, dlib, and numpy library for facial recognition and seamlessly merge two images.

Challenges I ran into:

This was our first time using Ruby on Rails along with Amazon AWS and EC2, which we had some issues getting used to the MVC design pattern and deploying the code on the cloud. It worked perfectly fine on localhost, but had some issues while setting up rvm, ruby, and rails setups. Also, implementing the python code to work along with Rails took some time and making the website slick as possible took a lot of sweat and effort.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

The overall website looks pretty slick and awesome. Despite the fact that LA Hacks was the first hackathon for three of our members, the result came out pretty well and we're all satisfied with the outcome.

What I learned:

Learned both frontend and backend, while focusing both sides all together.

What's next for LA 2024:

Probably our next plan for LA 2014 is to expand and scale to cover more places to see and discover. We can add more flexibility to the website and make it mobile compatible along with iOS and Android apps.

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