We read lots of articles every day, but we have a problem, we don't have enough time to read them all! We end up bookmarking most of them and they end up hidden in the depths of our browsers (or on Pocket).

What if we could be reminded of them from time to time? What if when we finally get a two-minute break, we can call for one of these articles?

L8RYO does exactly this for you! We will 'Yo' you with a random article from time to time or it can happen on your request. The server will learn the best moment to send you articles by probing at random times.

We are very proud of the simplicity of the end result, the use is very intuitive and setup is only one 'Yo' away.

P.S: The service currently gets the links from your Pocket (a very popular link curating service) account, but in the future we can make it self-sustained if need be.

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