We were interested by the idea of being able to manage a personal, customizable space expressed through a more free-form design.

What it does

The platform allows users to own their own small piece of a much larger canvas, shared with any others using the canvas at the same time. All changes to the canvas are updated in real time, allowing users to view and interact with each other's sketches and messages. Most of the canvas is a lawless land where users are free to put whatever they want on the wall, over and around other's work using various drawing tools we provide. Users are also welcome to develop their own scripts to create new designs and add to the aesthetic of the page as a whole.

How we built it

We used on a node.js server for synchronous changes to the wall. HTML, CSS and javascript were used for the rest of the UI elements. We also used the capital one api to send payments requests to buy personal space. The twitter api was used to post tweets onto the wall.

Challenges we ran into

We experienced difficulties making persistent storage work with the platform, spending several hours on it we could not finish it within the time constraints

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Simultaneous updating of a webpage was the most difficult thing to accomplish. Also a few of us did not have a web development background so there was a lot of online tutorials involved in building this..

What we learned

We all improved our web development skills and learned how to live update inputs from multiple users

What's next for l33tgraf33t

-winning 1st prize ;) -fixing the persistent storage -better scalibility and lag fixes

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