Driven by the desire to recreate and share my experience of learning guitar, I wondered, how did I actually learn it?

The truth is, I picked up bits and pieces from many type of teachers. Each one shared with me something new, they took the time and imparted their knowledge.

So 10yrs ago, I set out with the intention to recreate this experience for others, and the biggest challenge I faced was.. how do we make something like this sustainable? We are all busy, and we don't always have the time to help others navigate.

Only after the last year of studying self-generative design did the answer finally come ! I like to describe it in the analogy of a seed.

seed analogy

What it does

L2T Is a platform that awards tokens to users who validate the understanding of new learners.

First, it is simple a community-curated wiki . Access to it is completely free. This wiki is generated and curated over time as users opt to add in their own content, and for doing so users earn tokens.

Then, if a learner wants to become certified in a specific topic, they can use their tokens to get 1:1 feedback from a validator.

The validator is a prior learner themselves that has been certified in the topic, and instead of giving a test, validators mentor learners through a project.

This is not about pass/fail - it's about sharing and helping facilitating knowledge.

Every learner is given enough tokens up until a point that if they want to continue to receive 1:1 mentoring, they have to earn more tokens either by adding to the wiki or helping validate other learners.

Self-generating concept

By using Hedera Hashgraph, we have the ability to quickly and securely determine the credentials of a validator. With this level of security, we can be confident that our learners are being matched with the best possible validator.

How we built it

First, we designed it on Figma,

Then, we developed it with Flutter, Googles cross-platform UI framework, meaning the same front-end works with iOS, Android, and even the web.

Empowered by Hedera Token Service, our backend supports the ability to rapidly match Learners and Validators through consensus.

What's next for L2T

We reached out recently to a similar project spearheaded by Salman Khan of, called, in hopes to collaborate!

What we are realizing is now more than ever is that we need real human connectedness, and powered by technology such as Hedera Hashgraph, Google Cloud Platform, and Flutter, this vision has become a reality.

Initial Logo

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