For over three years I have been working as a Registered Nurse First Assistant in Jefferson's operating room. My duties during a routine surgery include positioning and prepping the patient, providing hemostasis, retracting tissue, providing suction of both fluid and smoke, and helping close the wound.

Through the years I have seen many patients of various sizes have various surgeries performed. Many of these patients have large surgical sites with even larger amounts of tissue to be retracted. It is often in these particular cases that doctors struggle with deep wounds where space and visibility are limited. There have been many times I was attempting to retract a large quantity of tissue with one hand; while being boxed out of the surgical field by the surgeon, and trying to reach around with the suction in the other hand to provide a clear line of vision for the surgeon. Unfortunately there isn't always enough room for the two of us and I will often hear "Can you please suck the smoke. I can't see."

This phrase, repeated more times than man can count, is what lead me to think of the L PURSE. The Low Profile Universal Retractor Smoke Evacuator is a malleable rubber suction device meant to be able to be attached to most hand held retractors used during surgery. Its is meant to evacuate the surgical plume caused by the cauterization of tissue. The ability of the L PURSE to attach to the retractors instead of an assistant using a hand held suction not only allows the assistant to provide various services with his/her other free hand, it also allows for more elbow room for the surgeon during the operation by taking away the space needed by the assistant to provide suction of the smoke.

The target users are surgeons (especially those involved in bigger surgical sites), hospitals, and surgical centers.

Key features I am proud of are the fact that it is malleable which will allow it to attach to most hand held retractors which can reduce costs for specialty products. I am more proud of the safety this product will extend to the patient as well as the staff in the operating room. By being low profile this product allows for a better line of visibility for the surgeon. Better visibility leads to less time on the operating room table for the patient, which generally leads to better patient outcomes. By reducing the patients time on the operating room table we reduce the chance the patient develops a pressure ulcer. With the new health care reform policies, hospital acquired pressure ulcers can cost tens of thousands of dollars to treat. Studies are out that suggest that surgical plume is a potential carcinogenic. By evacuating the plume before it escapes the surgical site the operating room staff's exposure to it is minimized.

Finally, the upgraded model is the the L PURSE sight which is a low profile universal retractor smoke evacuator with an attached disposable led light at the tip to enhance the surgeon's visibility even more.

Let the L PURSE be your helper!

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