In this never-ending evolving world, the whole concept of social classes has been redefined. Indeed, money does not factor in as much as before when match making and social popularity on the other hand, is now an undeniable factor to consider in the process. Therefore we wanted to create a website that would be able to determine if two people would make a good match depending only on their social media's popularity status.

What it does

We present to you the L o v e I s I n T h e W e b, a love calculator which will process the likely hood of a relationship being a good match, depending on the social media popularity. Our love calculator competition do not take into consideration factors and give out results completely randomly. This is how our projects goes beyond them and takes realistic factors to determine the match score.Other dating websites only consider the interest in one and each other and their common interest. It would be interesting if these websites and applications would implement our concept and also take into consideration factors like social media use/popularity!

How we built it

To build this website, we had to do a lot of planning before starting to code anything. We mainly used Sublime Text, Git Hub, HTML, Java Script and CSS to create our project. Since a mathematical equation could never completely model the concept of love between two people, we needed to create a hypothetical rough algorithm that would vary dependently of various factors on social media, likes, friends, birthday wishes, etc. Afterwards, we were then able to optimize the code depending on the results of our program (people that are already in a healthy relationship should be getting good scores).

Challenges we ran into

Since this was the first hackathon for the majority of our team and the majority had next to no experience in web development, we had difficulties linking the data collected in the HTML files and sending it to the Java Script file so it would be able to run the data through our algorithm. The algorithm was also a big challenge to create since there was no clear answer or expected result we could compare our program with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The aestheticism of the website is what makes us the most proud since it was one of our main focus and the prize we were initially aiming for.

What we learned

We learned to code/work as a team as this was the first team coding project for most of us. We developed skills in web development.

What's next for L o v e I s I n T h e W e b

In the futur, more social medias could be implemented into the computation as factors as a Facebook profile may not be representative of one's social media status. Other conditions determine the likelihood of a healthy relationship, they could also be added.

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