The Problem

Mount Merapi is Indonesia’s most active volcano. Every volcano eruption of Merapi lets out cold lava and sometimes hot lava from its crater. The cold lava poured into the river around Merapi’s crater that is Boyong river, Gendol river, Krasak river, etc. and there will be lava flood eruptions around the river. The eruption causes material loss, damage, even loss of life because the lava flood contains a mix of rocks, sand, and water. We can prevent this disadvantage with an early warning system (EWS) to inform the resident when the lava flood is coming. In addition, EWS can support the development of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Indonesia, especially to give solutions about climate change.

What it does

L-FEWS aims to give information about the river condition in real time, so this project can warn the resident if the flood has occured. It can warn the resident if the level of the flood water is high and dangerous for residents. So, the residents can do mitigation early and minimize the disadvantages. Warning signs were shared to Telegram apps and rings the buzzer/siren. So, the residents know if they are in a dangerous situation. Residents also can watch the condition updates of the river from the Android application. The conditions that can be monitored are the high of water flood and the capture of river’s condition. This project is composed of hardware and software. Required hardware is:

  • ESP32 cam controller
  • SR-H04 ultrasonic sensor
  • buzzer The software used is Telegram. With Telegram, we can receive real time height of water flood data. The data include captured photos of the real time condition.

How we built it

In this system, we build the hardware with connecting the hardware required, that is ESP32 cam, ultrasonic sensor, and buzzer. We should program the ESP32 so it can send the real time data (height measurement and photos) to Telegram. We should create Telegam’s bot for sending flood conditions and photos. Our height detection can detect the height of the water with centimeters unit. We hope it can be more accurate with its unit.


All of us are first time join to Hackathon, so maybe there are some weakness about this project

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that our project can provide a real solution to the lava flood disaster and protect the environment

What we learned

We learned a lot from this project, we learned about collaboration, dividing the job from our own skill, so the project can be finished.

What's next for L-FEWS (Lava Flood Early Warning System)

We hope this project will give a solution for early mitigation of lava flood especially in around Merapi when the volcano eruption occurs. Next, we will upgrade the features, one of them is to make a website dashboard or android application aimed at disaster management teams. With it, the team will easily do mitigation for the residents and keep all of them safe. By informing the real time situation, we hope it will be minimizing the disadvantages of volcano eruption.

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