We were inspired by not only the lack of greenery in urban spaces but more importantly, the disconnects that have arisen from the pandemic. By building this social gardening app, we hope to connect like-minded gardeners through the unique experience of caring for a living thing. For example, those living in apartment complexes or dormitories can grow a couple plants in a community garden, and using this app, the residents can keep track of when each plant needs to be watered and fertilized.

What it does

When you log into your account, you’re brought to the map of existing plants. Click on any plant icon to bring up the screen with each plant’s information. If you grow a plant yourself, you can add it to the existing database, so other users can see it on the map.

How we built it

We built this app in React Native, and hosted the user and plant information in Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

This was the first time that all of us used React Native, so we spent a lot of time learning to use the platform. Some other challenges we faced were navigating between screens, as well as connecting the images on the map to the data entries in the Firebase database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Since this was the first time that most of our team have attended a hackathon, we're very proud of ourselves for being able to learn React Native and create an app in just two days.

What we learned

We’ve learned the basics of using React Native, Firebase, and the iOS and Android simulators, and we had a lot of fun while we were at it!

What's next for l e a v e s

If we continue this project, we’d love to a “log action” feature, where users can say if they watered the plant at a certain time, and other users will see when the plant was last watered, for example. Even if we don’t decide to continue this project, in the future we’d love to continue working in React Native and developing even more complex applications.

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