I was using lookAt method in a Spark AR effect, and realized the documentation is not sufficient to easily grasp how to apply it to worldTransform when selfUp vectors are involved, and when the effect is required to use with both front and back camera. This gave me the idea to write this tutorial.

What it does

Teaches how to use Spark AR transform.lookAt and worldTransform.lookAt methods and corresponding selfUp vectors in your effects. This is not a creative project, but a utilitarian tutorial to teach a very handy Spark AR feature to beginners.

How I built it

With Spark AR Studio and with simple scripts.

Challenges I ran into

Trying to simplify the tutorial so that beginners can understand lookAt concept without the need of knowing transformation matrices, quaternions, or trigonometry.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making understanding and using lookAt concept as simple as a beginner without 3D graphics and Spark AR background can use .

What I learned

It is more difficult to write a beginners’ tutorial than an advanced tutorial

What's next for L

Preparing an advanced tutorial for lookAt and traching it as part of a a creative Spark AR effect.

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