Al-Hajj is all about worship, it's all about the spiritual side. All that's what's important, it's all that the Pilgrim should focus about. One of the things that could distract the pilgrim is thinking about food, cooking or buying or even missing local or home food. That's why we are proposing Diyafa. Diyafa could help pilgrim concentrate, again, on what's really important.

What it does

Diyafa is a plateform, for web and mobile, it has two main pillars. The first is allowing people who cook the ability to give food in case of leftovers to someone from the same country or region and that's by posting in the app or the website that food is available and by specifying the amount (how many people) ,the time since cooking, the distance, and of course if it has any ingredients that may cause allergies of harmful for certain medical situations, all this is filtered and treated for the user. The second pillar is giving people the ability to collaborate in cooking and preparing meals, for example, if something can't cook, he can, using our application, look for people who formed a group and collaborate with them in order to eventually get a part in the meal. It also works the other way around, if someone or a group of people are planning to cook for a period of time and they need some help with the money, they post using the app that they need a certain number of people or they can specify the amount of money needed for the coming period.

How we built it

For the mobile application, we used Android Studio using JAVA & XML and for the web, we used Bootsrap for the front-end and php (laravel) for the back-end. To makes things easier, we used on single database using Firebase for both web and mobile, specifically, we used real time database to have maximum accuracy in sensitive data such as time since cooking, distance and time of posting from different plateforms

Challenges we ran into

The big challenge was to dig in the details of this worship and define what the Hajjij wish to have and what is the thing that let them more devoting themselves to Hajj. On the technical side we had to familiarize with new new technologies in a very limited time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

So far in this hackathon, we were able to build the principle features of the mobile and the web app, such the User interface, the posting feature , adding an advert for collaborating or sharing overlefting, Signin and Login

What we learned

Building this project we got to learn a lot of new technologies and tricks on how to have a clean code. the big gain for us was to be able to build a good product in a short amount of time and this came up with a good time management and communication skills .

What's next for L-037-Diyafa

So far, we have based on the users preferences and medical needs to propose the right food posts or the collaborating offers. the next step, we will gather all the Hajjij data and behaviors and thanks to Machine Learning Classification Algorithms , we will able to guide the Hajji to the groups that have the same preferences. but this is not the end we will be able to explore more Hjjij food habits to help them to improve they diet.

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