Hi, our inspiration came from us being fickle college students who sometimes LOVE the people in our lives and, other days, LOATHE them - sometimes just because we all spend every minute of every day together.

What it does

In a fun, dumb, yet harmless way, we allow users to show their appreciation and depreciation for people in their contact list. By simply inputting an acquaintance's number into our iOS app, they can send a gift of up to 20 photos of the selected categories in the "Love" and "Loathe" tabs. The categories of images are uniquely selected each day to cater a continually innovative experience for both the sender and the receiver. Moreover, the app will automatically reject sending a picture gallery to a number after the maximum allotted amount of 3 per day.

How we built it

We built this app using Swift and Xcode for the iOS app and Twilio's messaging service. We utilized the photoshop service Canva to make our designs and Google's Custom Search Engine to provide our photos.

Challenges we ran into

How to use Swift... and then how to integrate our python code into Swift.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Web scraping using Beautiful Soup. Marisa had tried to use it at a previous hackathon, but sadly was unable to figure it out in the time crunch so she was excited for the success we had with it!

What's next for Kys

Next for Kys is variance in the topic options available to our users. Using feedback forms, customers can inform us of what they would like us to display. Additionally, we can make this more of a social platform with new features.

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