As by the stats, by the year 2030, 30% of the vehicles on Indian roads will be electric vehicles, with electric vehicles taking time to charge, it becomes a hassle for the user and may act as a barrier in E- mobility adoption. But Technology is here to save us

What it does

It provides real time data of charging prices and also waiting time at the charging station, with directions and reaching time.

How I built it

We created APIs with Flask, used PostgreSQL as the database, Rendered maps on frontend using Folium. and used Bootstrap on frontend

Challenges I ran into

Plotting all the charging station on the map. Research over calculating waiting time and battery drainage.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We overcame over challenges and were able to make a viable prototype

What I learned

Folium library, a lot about EV chargers and future of E mobility in India

What's next for Kyros

Taking the Prototype to production.

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